Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fifth Day- Machias Seal Island

We again returned to Machias Seal Island and again the weather and seas were perfect. The one thing we did change was which blind we were in. There are two sets of blinds in different locations on the island. We changed to one that was behind the lighthouse from the picnic tables. The picnic tables are where they take you in the beginning to explain how to behave on the island, etc. Both positions seem to be good. And for the two days I would say I used my Nikon 70-300VR lens 90% of the time and my Nikon 500 f/4 lens the rest, mostly for isolating. The first image below shows you what the blinds look like. The other images are just a few from today of the delightful puffin. Capt Andy with Bold Coast Charters was a wealth of information on the surrounds and the birds and went out of his way to make everyone happy. Tomorrow we are off to Greenville, ME and the Moosehead Lake area. Here we hope to capture the common loon with their chicks and possibly moose.

All images are copyrighted by Nancy Elwood and Naturesportal

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